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1. Introduction

Forming a Partnership with Oxford City FC

Become part of our community and build closer relationships with potential customers, research shows that if businesses are part of the local community customers are more likely to trust them, listen to their message and of course buy from them.

We can help your business build a strong Oxfordshire footprint and help you build long lasting/successful customer relationships. We currently attract over 6,500 different members of the community to our facilities every month, in addition to this several businesses, schools, colleges, universities and other teams hire out our impressive faculties.

Forming a partnership with us gets you exposure across many platforms. Our packages start from £99 for 12 months and go right up to £50,000. We guarantee we will work hard on your behalf to help you meet your targets and objectives.

Get in touch today and let’s start getting you results, but also we promise you we will have FUN while doing it.

Get in touch; e-mail mick.livesey@oxcityfc.co.uk or call 07756 315969


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