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6. Food and Drink

Our on-site kitchen provides hot and cold food and drink including burgers, pies, tea and coffee.

Our fully stocked bar has a variety of alcoholic beverages and is open from 11am on weekend matches, and from 5pm on evening matches. Please see price list below:

Draught Beer
Shipyard Pale Ale: £3.70
Fosters: £3.50
San Miguel: £4.20
Estrella: £4.00
Guinness: £4.10
Thatchers Gold: £4

Bottled Beer
Cobra: £3.50
Corona: £3.50
Coors Light: £3.50
Reckordling: £4
Oxford Gold: £3.60
Pedigree: £3.60
Kingston Press: £4

125ml: £2.90
175ml: £3.50
250ml: £4.50
Prosecco, 20cl: £5.50